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We treat each day with the enthusiasm of a new hire. But we’re not new to this. For over a decade we’ve been working to match ideal employees and employers across the ever-expanding digital environment.

In the beginning that meant placing a lot of art directors, account executives, and project managers. While we still love working on these roles, in an expanding digital environment, we’re also getting requests to find talent for some very unique roles. Do you need a Unity Developer that has a passion for science and can help you build a 3D molecular model? How about a completely remote UX/UI designer for an international client? Maybe you’re looking for a VP Product with entertainment industry experience and of US client exposure. We’ve found all of them all.

The market fluctuates. We know, because we’ve been around long enough to have seen it all. We’re steadfast in our goal to help employers navigate the landscape to find the perfect talent in any situation.

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