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April 16, 2014
You've Hired Your New Employee! Now, How Do You Retain Them?

We love helping people find the right candidates. But what happens after they're in place? How do you keep them? 

Retention is a real issue for companies everywhere. No matter what you do, what you sell and where you are, it's who you work with that matters most. Like all people in relationships, teams thrive on good chemistry, clear communication, and regular contact. A sudden change to that dynamic can set back projects by weeks.

So if you have a good thing, how do you preserve it? In such a mobile, competitive and candidate-centric market, it's important to develop solid strategies for keeping the right people once you've found them. 

So, what do you do? Bill Conerly at Forbes has some amazing tips. Among them: start tracking retention, train first-level managers to retain great candidates, and offer the things that your candidates value (like benefits, flexibility and sensitivity). 

Beyond basic benefits, the Wall Street Journal suggests providing small perks like free coffee, snacks and even dry cleaning delivery, and conducting "stay interviews." These interviews are designed to help candidates articulate what helps them stay with an employer. That way, the both of you can be on the same page. And no matter how things turn out, you're creating a pool of data from which you can shape future employment policies for the betterment of the company. 

If you've done all these things, and are still experiencing a retention issue, it's time to examine the corporate culture. While it's often said that employees don't leave companies, they leave managers, that's not the whole story. As HR expert Josh Bershin notes, retention requires more than just perks -- it requires strategic thinking. According to Bershin, every company or organization should create a "retention model," a narrative about why people stay and how to keep them there that works on all levels of the business. This narrative should inform all hiring decisions.

Every company or organization has a culture, and those hires who stick around for the long haul are usually a good fit for that culture. As Mozilla's recent history proves, there's more to retention than perks. There's a mission, and a sense of community. Bershin addresses this when he says that

Ultimately the most successful and enduring organizations in business are those that have a common sense of mission, a deep respect for their employees (and customers of course), and put time, energy, and money into building a highly engaging environment. They carefully select the "right people" with lots of hard work, and once people join they take the time to make sure they have development opportunities to move up the value curve.

A thoughtful recruiter can help you find the best fit for your organization. That includes a nuanced understanding of your culture. When you're hiring, it's important that everyone understands the feel of a workplace: the mood, the dynamic, that special something that distinguishes it from somewhere else. A good recruiter is creating a new relationship between the candidate and the company. And like any good matchmaker, a good recruiter wants the relationship to last.

April 6, 2014
Toronto Is Full Of Amazing Tech Opportunity. Here's Why.

When you think of creative uses for technology, you might think of places like Palo Alto, Berlin, or Brooklyn. But Toronto has an extremely strong, vibrant community of developers and creative technologists, with significant personal investment in bringing experimental and captivating new ideas to life. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Toronto has such a thriving developer community. Places like Toronto HacklabSite 3 coLaboratory, the Toronto Tool Library and Makerspace, ThingTank Lab, Bento Miso, and Interaccess Studio provide supportive co-working spaces for people of all skill levels to prototype new ideas at all stages of development. From messing around with Raspberry Pi to working a laser cutter, these spaces let Toronto's creative technology community thrive and hone their skills - and the proof is in the local result. For example, the folks at Rethink developed a special beer fridge for Molson that opens at the swipe of a Canadian passport, and installed it in Sochi for the Olympics. 

There's also Arts & Science's contribution to TIFF's David Cronenberg exhibit , a "DNA booth" that appears to merge the user's DNA with that of the master himself, then sends the genetic "mashup" to Facebook. 

And for truly mind-blowing projects, there's the MUSE, a headband by Toronto's InteraXon that senses brainwaves and allows wearers to play games, hone their focus, and interact with other devices.

Toronto is a great place to be involved in creative technology, and a great city to develop your next project, especially for newcomers to Canada . So the next time your out-of-province friends want to know where to develop their next big thing? Tell them all about what’s happening here.

Interested in coming here to join the creative community? Already here and looking for the next big thing for your own career, or want to know who the magic makers are and how you can get involved? Get in touch with us .

February 19, 2014
What You Need To Know about AODA in 2014

It's strategic planning season. As companies and organizations focus on their plans for 2014, they will also have consider how to comply with new or changing government regulations in the new year. 

Specifically, one major challenge facing businesses and organizations of a certain size this year, one that will be getting a lot of attention within digital communications, is the evolving compliance requirements with the Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act or “AODA”. This is an extension of the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2001) and the earlier Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), the ultimate goal of which is to make the entire province easily and freely accessible to those with disabilities by 2025. 

Why are we realizing the impact of this more significantly in 2014? According to recent reports, 70% of private businesses with more than twenty employees are in a state of non-compliance with the Act. In 2012, businesses had to file an electronic report with the province detailing their efforts to make themselves accessible to customers and employees with disabilities -- everything from ramps and rails to web design and new fonts on brochures. An overwhelming majority of businesses failed to comply or even report, and not one of the businesses in question was investigated. That means that the $24 million dedicated to assuring compliance has gone unspent. When the AODA Alliance filed a Freedom of Information request on the matter, they brought the issue to public attention and the province vowed to enforce the Act more vigourously. 

What does this mean for hiring managers and those seeking new employees in the field of creative technology? If you're an Ontario business of over 50 people, you need to make your websites and content compliant  with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0 . And that's not all: when a person with disabilities asks an Ontario business for brochures, literature, or other "communication supports," they must be provided as quickly as possible and at no extra cost. This includes feedback -- if your company's website has a feedback or review option, it also needs to be accessible. The same goes for educational institutions and libraries. If this is all sounding like a bit much, consult the AODA Compliance Wizard to learn exactly what you need to do and when. And don't forget to file your 2014 report early. 

What does this mean for interactive and digital content? Businesses will need, primarily, to ensure that digital content includes alternatives for disabled users. For instance, text alternatives must be provided for any non-text content such as images or videos. Captions should be provided for video. For text-based content such as CAPTCHA logins, an auditory alternative should (and usually is) provided. Colour contrast should be high enough to ensure that all users are able to distinguish text from background. You can see a much more complete list of guidelines at the WCAG website.

The reality is that demands for particular skill sets often evolve commensurate with changes in government standards, regulations and compliance needs… remember Y2K and what it did for the tech sector? As such, designers, coders, technologists, project managers, and other candidates with AODA experience specific to interactive media and digital communications will be in higher demand as more and more existing companies come into compliance. Further, as Toronto still enjoys its status of having one of the largest digital start up communities in the world, the next Mark Zuckerbergs will have to pay very close attention to what the government has to say about the user experience of their new brainchildren.

How 3 Degrees can help:

Part of our ongoing mandate at 3 Degrees is to gear our networking strategy to be ahead of evolutions in the industry. As such, when it comes to compliance with AODA, we know exactly who you need to help get your products up to date with evolving regulations. So: if you are looking to make new hires in these areas, or are figuring out how to make your business more accessible, give us a call. We know how to make your customers - and the province - happy. 

February 11, 2014
For Valentine's Day, Here's How To Love Your Job - Or Find A Job You Love.

It's almost Valentine's Day - the season of love. Some things are easy to love: your partner (if you've got one), your family, your pets, chocolate. But your job? According to a recent US study, 70% of Americans don't love the work they do - and although we're a bit of a happier bunch in the Great White North, at least half of us are also likely to be unhappy at work. 

The thing is, if you want to be happy overall, loving your job is important.  It's where you spend an average of 1900 hours a year, after all. And if you spend your days in a place you don't like, you'll end up stressed out, burned out, and no fun on dates. 

Maybe you've just fallen out of love with your work. It happens. You get bored. Things become too routine…too mundane. You wonder where you're going, or what you're getting out of it. You start thinking about all the other things you could be doing -- whether it's pursuing a personal project or finally catching up on Scandal. And just like any relationship, you've got to take stock and ask yourself some tough questions. What's different? Why do I feel this way? And what can I do to change it?

The likelihood is, loving your job more than golf, horseback riding or scuba-diving isn’t realistic for the vast majority of us. After all, it’s still work. However, having a realistic level of job satisfaction is very important to both your work and your personal relationships. If you feel a return to the honeymoon phase of your relationship with work is what you need, your first step might be to question your perspective. It might sound silly or overly simple, but there can be enormous power in a simple shift in outlook - particularly in a situation where the basic facts (micromanaging boss, boring work) are unlikely to change. 

You might also look at changing the people you work with. Your colleagues can make or break almost any job. Whether it's your team or your customers, they're the ones who have the most influence over how your average day is going to rank on the satisfaction scale. So if you're not happy, maybe you need a different crowd. Ask about working with a different team, or try to make new friends at work. Or find a new job entirely - one where the culture fits your personality and working style. 

Finally, here's something you can do right now to get results by Valentine's Day: you can make the decision every day to build positive relationships with your coworkers. This in turn will create a happier work environment, and closer ties to your co-workers, the people you spend the bulk of your time with, in turn translating to greater on-the-job satisfaction and a burgeoning network. Simple things you can try include making eye contact, asking follow-up questions, learning who the people in those pictures on your co-workers' desks are. When you start making core value connections at work, you'll probably start loving your job, and the people you share it with, a whole lot more.

If none of this resonates, and the bottom line is that you simply need a job you love (almost) every single day - then get in touch.

December 15, 2013
Hiring During The Holidays - The 2 Biggest Problems, And How To Fix Them

It's the holiday season, and many employers have added a third contender to their "Naughty" and "Nice" lists: "Positions to Be Filled." And just like all forms of end-of-year procrastination, the consequences can be dire -- do you want to wait until Christmas Eve to find the perfect candidate? Of course not. And yet, so many employers find themselves doing just that, and losing candidates as a result. Here's why. 

Ideally, organizations who know they have positions to fill by the end of the year should start the recruitment process in October or November. This gives them plenty of time to find the right candidate, and it's usually a time of year when candidates, hiring managers, and decision makers are less likely to be traveling. This is key, because starting the recruitment process on time means having open, honest communication between hiring management and the decision makers who will ultimately do the hiring. It's all well and good if HR has found the right candidate, but if a decision can't be made, the candidate is likely to either find something better, or drift away.

Drift is the other problem with hiring late in the year. Considering change at the end of the year is difficult for many employees who might actually have a better opportunity somewhere else. It's the season for both corporate parties and end-of-year bonuses, which means employees are at the peak of their warm-and-fuzzy feelings for their co-workers. Also, employees are often imagining at their credit card bills at this time of year, and aren't looking forward to a gap in pay or entering a probationary period. This creates a powerful inertia that can be tough to overcome. 

That inertia is especially dangerous for departments that must spend their budgets on new hires by the end of the year in order to justify and maintain those budgets. While this is primarily a problem for those looking to hire contract or freelance work, keep in mind that contractors may be expecting full-time positions at their current workplace, and may be less inclined to start over from scratch when facing the prospect of a new job. 

So, how do you overcome that inertia? It may be expensive, if you're in the position to buy out a bonus. Or you may have to add something sweet to the hiring package, like extra personal days or lieu time -- especially if the new arrangement means a change in location or commute. The most important thing to do when trying to make a hire at this time of year is to build a relationship between your organization and the candidate. Spend time together. Send emails. Take them on tours. Invite them to the holiday party! Give them a taste of what life could be like with you, and give them a vision of where they would fit into your team. Remind them that the New Year is a great time to re-consider career paths, and give them something to look forward to.

December 12, 2013
CEO Harry Manson in Marketing Magazine on the Rise of the Digital Strategist

Our very own CEO, Harry Manson, penned an article in Marketing Magazine's Salary Benchmarks series on why it really is possible to hire a digital strategist who knows what s/he is doing:

"Requests for digital strategists have reached an all-time high and I’m happy… I think. This is a great indication of the maturity of digital as a marketing discipline, but as more agencies strive to keep up with the Joneses, the increased demand for the market’s latest and greatest digital discipline is bound to trend towards inflated compensation or substandard quality.

(Remember when IA’s with two wireframes under their belt were charging $80 an hour? Shh. Never speak of it again.)

So who has the real goods?"

To find out, read the full article at the Marketing Magazine website.

December 4, 2013
What Makes 3 Degrees Different?

There are so many different recruitment firms in Toronto that it can be tough for individual firms to distinguish themselves, to stand out in the crowd. How do we do it? 

First, we do one thing, and we do it well. When the recruitment industry first started up, most firms focused on older, more established jobs. That's not true of us. We focus on bringing people in the creative technology field together with the people who need them. Typically we work with ad agencies, marketing firms, communications companies and digital product staff to find them the best, most ground-breaking talent that our area has to offer. And that's all we do. We don't do IT. We don't do finance or accounting. We work with digital people, for digital people. And that's it. And because we're not distracted, we perform better.

If anything, how we do what we do is as much about what we don't do. Unfortunately, the combination of  market saturation and a surplus of job sites means that many other firms have simply lost the art of recruitment. We haven't. If the Internet were to suddenly short out and stop functioning tomorrow, we would still be able to do business. That's because we don't scrape listings from job boards. We aren't constantly searching Craigslist or Monster for people who don't know how what their true talents are or how to market themselves properly. We actively hunt for the best candidates, instead of passively waiting for the open market to deliver them to us. So by the time our candidates reach you, they're already the best. 

And bringing the best staff to you means having the best staff here at home. Before our staff can perform their duties, we test them on the latest tools, trends, and technology to make sure they understand the context they're working in and the placements they're making. And then we follow up regularly with our placements to make sure that everything is going just as well as we thought it would. That's how we've maintained double the win : loss ratio of our competitors. 

Is it easy? No. Being the best is never easy. We just make it look that way.

August 27, 2013
Marketing Magazine's 2013 Salary Survey

3 Degrees is proud to announce its participation in Marketing Magazine's upcoming salary survey. After a record breaking year, 3 Degrees continues to be a trusted source for information on growth and change within the digital sector.

August 27, 2013
We're Expanding

3 Degrees is pround to announce its expansion into the Calgary marketplace. We are excited to expand our existing service level offering in the west coast and we are actively seeking staff in this geography for the following positions:

Managing Director

Account Executive

Digital Recruiter

We'd love to hear from you so please reach out!

Find a Job

Our dedication to the digital space ensures the contracts and full-time opportunities we present to you are focused in on your strengths and skills. Send us your portfolio link or drop us a line today to discover what we can do for you, whether you’re a seasoned professional or fresh out of school.

Current Opportunities

Job title Link Posted Description
Intermediate PHP Developer - 6 Mnth Contract Job Listing Jun 25, 2015 Category : Web Developer
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Our client is a major player in the digital media space, specializing in content for children and families. They have an available contract for 6 months for an intermediate full stack PHP developer. This will be an onsite, 35 hour per week contract starting mid-may until December 2015. They are located right downtown, walking distance from Union Station.

The successful candidate will work in a team of 4 developers to build websites and microsites. The role is 75% back-end and 25% front-end so you should have strong PHP/MySQL chops.


  • 3+ years of experience with PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery
  • Strong back-end skills and focus
  • Nice to have experience with responsive, Wordpress and LESS/SASS

If you are available to start mid-may and have the above skills, please apply online with your up-to-date resume and portfolio.

Social Media Advertising Specialist Job Listing Jun 22, 2015 Category : Media Buyer
Location/City : ON - Toronto

A client of ours is hiring a Social Media Advertising Specialist to join their team. This is a full-time permanent position located near Yonge and Eglington. This is an opportunity to join a leading online retail team!

The Social Media Advertising Specialist will be responsible for developing and managing paid Facebook media programs for consumer acquisition and application downloads as well as buying and optimizing Facebook media in order to deliver business results. You will assist in setting up campaigns and optimizing paid Facebook programs and meeting paid social media objectives and proposing paid social media optimization opportunities such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.


  • 2-4 years of marketing experience delivering traffic to a website
  • Strong analytical skills and reporting capabilities
  • Ability to multi-task and thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong team player with great attention to detail

If you're interested in applying, please send forth the most updated version of your resume! Thanks to all those who apply but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

SEO Account Manager Job Listing Jun 18, 2015 Category : Copywriter
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Our client is an SEM agency who is looking for their next SEO Account Manager! This is a full-time permanent position located downtown Toronto right in the Entertainment District. If you're interested in joining a growing team and having the opportunity to work with a wide range of client verticals, this is the perfect opportunity. You will be reporting to the Director of SEO and be responsible for managing external and internal relationships and key accounts.

Required Skills:

  • 2-3 years SEO, SEM, PPC experience
  • Excellent understanding of on-page SEO
  • Keen interest in digital with a particular focus on SEO and Social Media
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts and apply strategic thinking to each

Please apply today with an updated resume if you're interested! If your experience looks like it is a great fit, we will be in contact about next steps.

UX Designer Job Listing Jun 15, 2015 Category : User Experience
Location/City : ON - Toronto

One of our clients, a major 5 financial institution, is seeking an intermediate UX Designer with the desire to learn and adapt to the financial space. The ideal candidate will be able to work independently and take initiative to come up with ideas quickly, considering all angles and sticking to your guns while at the same time being flexible that your idea may not meet the bank's larger strategy. This is a full-time permanent position at their downtown Toronto office - close to transit.Requirements:- 3+ years of professional user experience tenure including HCI principles, internet design principles, W3C standards, accessibility, user research, and usability testing.- Expert in Adobe Creative Suite- Experience with design software for PC- Knowledge of web technologies (platforms, devices, HTML, CSS, etc.)- mobile experience is a strong asset- Strong problem solving and analytical skillsIf you'd like the opportunity to work in a stable environment with a great work/life balance where you can help bring their product to the next level and have the necessary above skills, please apply online with your up-to-date resume and portfolio.

Manager User Interface Job Listing Jun 15, 2015 Category : Web Developer
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Looking to take the next step in your career? Wanting to put your strategic and consulting skills to a higher use? Excited to establish front-end development best practices, while mentoring and managing a team? This could be a fit for you! Our client is immediately hiring for a Manager of User Interface, specifically leading the team of Front-end Developers. Located in downtown Toronto, this is a full-time opportunity with a very competitve compensation to match your skills and experience.

As Manager of User Interface, you will be responsible for managing a team of initially 5-7 front-end developers, and this is expected to grow. There may also be some back-end developers under your supervision depending on what projects are assigned to the Manager of User Interface. You will also be responsible for working with the business teams to delivering the desired user experience for many projects that meets the business goals. Establishing best practices, repeatable processes for healthy project execution, auditing existing applications for user experience and user interface, and recommending improvements where necessary, would all be under the responsibilities of the Manager of User Interface. Lastly, working with the VP of Technology and other Directors and Architects, you will help lead an extremely productive team that ensures stability and very functional applications in their high-availability application environment.

To be considered for the Manager of User Interface, you must have a minimum of 10 years' experience in Application Development, including a minimum of 4 years managing developers, 4 years building large IT Projects, and 4 years developing e-Commerce solutions. You must also have specialization and be current in web trends and web technologies, specifically front-end technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Mobile, SEO/SEM, JQuery). Having a strong understanding of back-end technologies will be extremely beneficial. Lastly, due to the high level of interaction with the business teams, it is absolutely essential that the Manager of User Interface have excellent communication skills, consultative abilities, and a proven track record of fostering and developing highly productive relationships between business and technology.

Digital Strategist Job Listing Jun 13, 2015 Category : Digital Strategist
Location/City : AB - Calgary

Our client is a dynamic and growing marketing solutions company. The company is seeking to add a new role to the organization, namely a Digital Strategist.

This key position will lead both internal and external resources to provide superior quality digital solutions for their clients and corresponding user / client base. Further, the Digital Strategist will work with internal project teams to ensure performance to plan; adherance to timelines / schedules; mitigating risk; develop and implement digital project best practices and web strategies. In addition, the successful candidate must be well-versed in current digital marketing trends, with a philosophy of 'continuous education and research' in this area.

Do you have:

  • 6+ years of proven industry experience with an emphasis on digital projects?
  • Experience in building website and online strategies with clients, including the integration of analytics, SEO / SEM / Social Media?
  • The ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with both internal and external customers?
  • A demonstrated ability to lead, mentor, and inspire teams of digital resources?
  • A superior understanding of UX / information architecture / design?
  • Experience in collecting, analyzing, and communicating digital metrics and key performance indicators?

If so, then you should apply now!

We thank all applicants, however please note that only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Ruby on Rails Developer Job Listing Jun 12, 2015 Category : Application Developer
Location/City : ON - Toronto

A growing and fully funded start-up located in downtown Toronto is looking for talented Ruby on Rails developers to join their highly collaborative and passionate team. Reporting directly to the VP of development and working with a flat but cross functional team of product managers, QA, designers, and other developers, you will help change the face of B2B marketing.

The successful candidate should be comfortable with a little chaos, want autonomy and ownership over their products, and love working closely in a team setting. Code must be of the highest quality and you'll be paired up with other developers and practising TDD (test driven development) for most of your work.


- at least 3-5 years of experience in software development, ideally with some in a start-up

- specialization in Ruby on Rails with experience using PostgreSQL, MongoDB

- excellent Javascript skills, backboneJS and/or angularJS preferred

- experience with iOS would be a nice to have

- desire to have fun, learn, and collaborate

If you have the necessary skills and are looking to make a move into an exciting start-up environment with stock options, competitive salary, great benefits and work/life balance we need to talk! Please apply online with your up-to-date resume.

Digital Account Director - Vancouver Job Listing Jun 12, 2015 Category : Client Services - Agency
Location/City : BC - Vancouver

A major global communications agency has an exciting position available for an account director to join their Vancouver team. The successful candidate will have strong social and digital experience but ideally will also have some exposure to mass advertising. You will work in a fast-paced agency environment with a complex, multilayered client.

This is a truly unique opportunity for a self-starter who is comfortable leading the charge on their own and working with an extended team across offices in Toronto, Montreal, New York, and London. If you are a strong account supervisor or account director looking for your next challenge and think you're ready to take on Vancouver, we'd love to hear from you! Please apply online with your up-to-date resume .

We thank all those candidates who apply but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Front-End/Wordpress Web Developer (6 Month Contract) Job Listing Jun 8, 2015 Category : Web Developer
Location/City : ON - Toronto

A boutique digital agency in downtown Toronto has an immediate need for a senior full-stack Web Developer to join their roster on a contract basis. This person should be a rock star Wordpress developer with strong front-end skills. They will work on-site with a collaborative team of designers to create beautiful and user friendly web pages for major clients in the retail, B2B, and CPG space. The contract will start in the next couple of weeks and be approximately 6 months long with possibility for extension or conversion to full-time permanent.
Required Skills

- 5+ years of experience with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, XML

- Strong Wordpress experience and would be a strong asset to be able to create and maintain custom-plug-ins

- Experience with API integrations

- Agency experience would be an asset

If you are available immediately, have the necessary skills, and want to learn more please apply online with your up-to-date resume and any relevant samples.

UI/UX Designer Job Listing Jun 2, 2015 Category : User Experience
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Our client is an Emmy award winning production and new media company in Toronto. They specialize in interactive experiences for children and are the first production company to do virtual reality programming for kids! They are looking for a talented UI Designer with UX chops to come aboard in a full-time permanent capacity (though they would be open to contractors in 3, 6 or 9 month intervals).

The role will be 80% UI Design and 20% User Experience Design. They are looking for an intermediate to senior designer who ideally has experience designing for children's games, apps, or websites.

They have an amazing work-life balance as this is a top priority to the company. If you want to work on cool games and interactive experiences for children and have 5+ years of UI Design experience we want to hear from you! Please apply online with your up-to-date resume and a link to your portfolio.

Designer Job Listing May 29, 2015 Category : Web Designer
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Calling all Web Designers! Our client has an immediate need for a Web Designer to join their highly productive Digital Marketing team to help meet project deadlines. This is a highly talented team with plenty of exciting projects on the go. This is a 6 month contract that could extend.

As Web Designer, you will be responsible for operating at high efficiency and taking on production artistry for web components. You will be hands-on and working primarily in Photoshop to produce PSD layouts for the web development team to work from.

To be considered for the Web Designer role, you must have a minimum of 4 years experience working with a highly productive web design and development environment. Agency experience is preferred. You must be able to show examples of work, especially on sites with a lot of content. You must also be able to show your skills in Photoshop. This role is all about keeping up with this highly productive team. If you have the chops and are looking to have some fun, we want to hear from you!

Full Stack PHP Developer Job Listing May 28, 2015 Category : Application Developer
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Our client is a leader in aggregated content marketing solutions who empower marketers to organize their content marketing efforts into captivating front-end experiences for their target audience. They currently have an available position for a full-time permanent Senior PHP Developer. The company is located in Liberty Village and is looking for an awesome candidate to join their very successful team of bright developers.Required Skills:
5+ years PHP experience including working with MVC frameworks (e.g. CakePHP, Laravel, Codeignter, etc.)
5+ years experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL, shell scripting, distributed systems, and various infra/ops exposure
1+ years experience with non-relational databases such as Mongo
3+ years experience with JavaScript and CSS
Demonstrated extensive experience in performance optimization at various layers
Demonstrated extensive experience in SaaS s(or similar) ervice-delivery in a highly-available, highly-scalable, and secure manner
Degree or Diploma in Computer Science or a related field (or an equivalent combination of experience and education)
Nice to Haves:
Experience designing APIs
Extensive experience with JQuery
Experience designing and implementing analytics applications/platforms
If you have the necessary skills and love learning new technologies, want to contribute to creating and improving elegant code, and have a passion for working on SAAS products we should chat! Please apply online with your up-to-date resume .
We thank all those candidates who apply but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Front End Web Developer Job Listing May 15, 2015 Category : Web Developer
Location/City : AB - Calgary

Our client, a recognized creative agency with clients across the country, is seeking an intermediate Front - End Web Developer as a permanent employee in Calgary.

Are you:

  • a coder that appreciates innovation and creativity, and works collaboratively with your peers?
  • passionate about a great user experience, and thinks outside of box to ensure great interactions?
  • a developer with above average skills with typical technologies being HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, etc. ?
  • also conversant / experienced with Wordpress, Drupal?
  • experienced with back - end (server-side) technologies including .NET, PHP, and ROR?
  • familiar with Bootstrap and other responsive frameworks?
  • an independent worker with strong communication skills?
  • able to handle a fast paced, deadline - driven, yet collaborative and fun environment?
  • wanting to be exposed to a variety of cool projects across multiple industries while learning from a strong and tenured management team?

Then what are you waiting for...apply now! 

Junior to Intermediate PPC Specialist Job Listing May 8, 2015 Category : SEO/SEM Strategist
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Our Client, a Renowned and Award Winning Digital Agency, is seeking a Junior to Intermediate PPC Specialist to join for a 6 month contract with strong possibility of extension. This is the opportunity to work with some of the top analysts, statisticians, academics and technologists in digital intelligence, as they expand their presence in Toronto.

The Mission:

  • Drive customer acquisition and engagement via search engine marketing, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Optimize campaigns to drive positive ROI and deliver against client KPIs for a variety of business goals
  • Manage planning and execution of online search marketing programs, including campaign setup, monitoring, reporting, analysis, optimization, budget pacing, and forecasting?in addition, you will be responsible for keyword research and expansion, competitive benchmarking, and strategic insights across multiple accounts
  • Partner with Digital Intelligence team to develop and improve client reporting and dashboards?and analyze individual campaign performances to derive actionable insights to improve performance, conversion rates, and customer lifetime value
  • Provide regular performance updates to client stakeholders and make recommendations while sharing best practices, and alerting to new trends and emerging opportunities
  • Identify new and emerging online advertising technology and capabilities to improve program performance


  • 1-2 years of direct experience running online search engine marketing with a proven track record in developing and executing paid search marketing campaigns
  • Bachelor?s degree and/or studies in advertising/marketing or related field
  • SEM Expertise (Google AdWords, Bing)
  • Experienced in Google Analytics

Front-End Development Manager Job Listing Apr 16, 2015 Category : Management
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Our client, a major financial institution in downtown Toronto has a very exciting opportunity for a full-time permanent Front-End Development Manager. The successful candidate will have strong front-end specific knowledge, agile experience, and management/team lead experience. This role would be ideal for someone who is managing a small team and still coding but who wants to make the move into a full-time manager position.
The FED Manager will not be coding day-to-day but will be responsible for managing a team of 10 full-time front-end developers and 8 contractors. They would provide time estimates, work with stakeholders within the business to determine the best technical solutions, and decide the approach/front-end architecture.Required Skills:- 5+ years of hands-on front-end development, ideally within an advertising agency type of environment- formal experience managing a team of front-end developers- experience working in agile environment- strong front-end knowledge specifically of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, LESS/SASS, Bootstrap- exposure to javascript libraries/frameworks such as angularJS, backboneJS, etc.- experience with responsive web- experience with fast builds
If this sounds like an exciting opportunity to you and you have the necessary front-end and management skills, we want to hear from you! Please apply online with your up-to-date resume.

Senior Design Lead Job Listing Mar 20, 2015 Category : Creative/Design
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Our client is a large and reputable ad agency in downtown Toronto. They are growing their current design team and are on the hunt for an exceptional senior design lead with UX experience to work on high profile brands in the retail, food and beverage, CPG, and technology spaces.

As an integral part of the design team, you'll be committed to making sure the work produced is useable, intuitive and intelligent. You will have the natural ability to motivate teams to create better, more forward-thinking work. What will you get in return? You'll be working alongside some of the most talented people in the industry, crafting tier-one digital experiences and influencing the brands of world-class clients!

You should apply if...

- You have a strong background with at least 5+ years of user interface design experience, preferably in an ad agency setting

- You have a strong knowledge of user interface design, process and methodology
- You're passionate about design as a vehicle to motivate behavior
- You're a team player and understand that great experiences come from collaborative decision making with clients, producers, developers, information architects, copy writers, art directors, data analysts and social experts
- You have the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
- You have razor-sharp attention to detail and a keen eye for design
- You are able to articulate, present and sometimes defend your design decisions
- You can adopt the voice, brand standards and personality of multiple brands seamlessly
- You have an egoless passion for design and want to work with a likeminded team with an unwavering commitment to their craft

If you think you have what it takes and want to learn more, please apply online with your up-to-date resume and a link to your online portfolio.

Senior Digital Project Manager Job Listing Feb 25, 2015 Category : Project Manager
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Our downtown client on the east side of union station is hiring a senior digitally focused project manager. The ideal candidate will have a strong agency background with 5+ years of experience with digital. You will be working closely with the client services and creative teams to deliver amazing digital projects for clients in the retail, healthcare, and financial verticals. This is a full-time permanent position.

Required Skills

- 5+ years of PM experience

- digital focused projects

- print and video experience would be a bonus

- pharma/healthcare experience would be a bonus

If you are energetic, bring a positive attitude to every situation, and have a keen ability to manage time and priorities with little supervision, we need to chat about this full-time permanent opportunity! Please apply online with your up-to-date resume and contact details.

Junior Account Coordinator Job Listing Aug 5, 2014 Category : Sales/Business Dev.
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Junior Account CoordinatorHave you ever thought about being a Recruitment Sales-person?Executive search is a billion dollar international industry that offers a lot of exciting potential for the right person, including:Great Career GrowthIndividual FreedomAn Entrepreneurial EnvironmentThe Opportunity to Work with Industry LeadersAdvancing Compensation3 Degrees Creative Resourcing is a boutique recruiting and consulting firm dedicated to the digital marketing, creative and communications professions. Within these specialties, we are a trusted partner for executive search, direct-hire, contract-to-hire, and freelance recruitment consulting. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, 3 Degrees has solidified a reputation for finding the best candidates for the job, every time. We are seeking a recent graduate to join our team as a Junior Recruitment Coordinator. We are interested in outgoing professional individuals who are motivated by achievement and thrive on the idea that they can control their own level of success while contributing to the overall growth of our business.At 3 Degrees, we are constantly striving towards improving the quality of our corporate culture and individual achievement while maintaining our core values which include:
Championing our client's interestsDoing the right thingHonesty and integrityBehaving fairly and equitablyRewarding Merit Responsibilities include:- Establishing relationships with prospective clients- Engage clients through proper and prospective business development practices- Work with recruitment team to identify successful candidates for your client- Working directly with senior staff towards mentorship and advancement- Advancing towards promotion, and increases in responsibility- Participation in technical training seminars and creative/tech events- Management of client relationships and contract administrationQualifications:- Strong communication skills, both verbal and written- Strong interpersonal skills and the desire to meet new people- Interest in digital media, interactive media and/or digital and creative communications- Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs- Strong organizational skills- Ability to work independently and as part of a team- Ability to work with minimal supervision- Desire to work in an entrepreneurial environment with opportunities for advancementIf you feel you have the motivation, skills and attitude to be a successful contributor to our team, we definitely want to hear from you.

Junior Recruitment Coordinator - Digital Media Job Listing Aug 4, 2014 Category : Sales/Business Dev.
Location/City : ON - Toronto

Have you ever thought about being a Head Hunter?Executive search is a billion dollar international industry that offers a lot of exciting potential for the right person, including:- Great Career Growth- Individual Freedom- An Entrepreneurial Environment- The Opportunity to Work with Industry Leaders- Advancing Compensation3 Degrees Creative Resourcing is a boutique recruiting firm dedicated to the digital marketing, creative and communications professions. What does that mean? We recruit top notch candidates in the areas of social media, web development and design, digital strategy, client services, project management, and more for our clients. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, 3 Degrees has solidified a reputation for finding the best candidates for the job, every time. We are seeking a recent graduate to join our team as a Junior Recruitment Coordinator. We are interested in outgoing professional individuals who are motivated by achievement and thrive on the idea that they can control their own level of success while contributing to the overall growth of our business.At 3 Degrees, we are constantly striving towards improving the quality of our corporate culture and individual achievement while maintaining our core values which include:- Championing our client's interests- Doing the right thing- Honesty and integrity- Behaving fairly and equitably- Rewarding MeritResponsibilities Include:- Supporting Recruitment Activities by identifying and qualifying potential candidates- Reviewing resumes and performing interviews- Phone Screening and Reference Checking- Working directly with senior staff- Advancing towards promotion and increases in responsibility- Participation in technical training seminars and creative/tech events- Management of candidate relationships and contract administrationQualifications:- Strong communication skills, both verbal and written- Strong interpersonal skills and the desire to meet new people- Interest in digital media, interactive media and or digital and creative communications- Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs- Strong organizational skills- Ability to work independently and as part of a team- Ability to work with minimal supervision- Desire to work in an entrepreneurial environment with opportunities for advancementIf you feel you have the motivation, skills and attitude to be a successful contributor to our team, we definitely want to hear from you. Please apply with your up-to-date resume and a cover letter outlining why you are our next junior recruitment coordinator.

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